Founded in 2005, Goshawk Environmental Consulting, Inc. (Goshawk) is a Central Texas-based environmental consulting firm.  The company’s founder, Zane Homesley, wanted to provide his clients with a fresh approach to environmental consulting built on communication, efficiency, and low overhead.  Despite our growth, the Goshawk team continues to maintain close relationships with clients as advocates for their projects. 

Did you know? The scientific name for the Northern Goshawk is Accipiter gentilis, which translates to "noble bird of prey." The goshawk is one of the most agile fliers and fiercest of predators; many consider it to be fearless. Zane felt the goshawk truly represented his business dream, because he had to be fearless to start his own firm. He wanted that firm to be efficient, reliable, and ethical; thus, the company's name.

Goshawk’s interdisciplinary staff specializes in evaluating raw land, identifying protected natural and cultural resources, and providing development options to minimize regulatory exposure.  Yes, Zane takes pride in frugality, but he also believes in the old adage, “if you want something done, ask a busy person.”  Over half of Goshawk’s staff operates GIS at an advanced level and utilizes the most recent release of ESRI’s ArcMap daily to produce maps and analyze data. 

Working extensively in Texas and surrounding states, our team serves a diverse range of clients.  Current clientele includes oil and gas companies, engineering firms, land developers, municipalities, industrial companies, and utility companies.  Our ideal client lets us become part of their team by including us in the planning stages and seeking our input in project design.  Goshawk works with our clients, not just for them.  Proactivity and commitment throughout the project ensures our clients get the best service possible.