Landfill Sector

"Our firm has worked with Goshawk Environmental Consulting since its inception and collaborated with Zane on environment-related services for many years prior to 2005. Goshawk's experience with threatened/endangered species and jurisdictional water determinations is exceptional. They listen to objectives of each individual project and focus their efforts toward achieving those objectives, while recognizing that the project is part of a greater site development plan. They do not over-produce reports, they simply include the information needed to achieve the objective and charge a fair price to do so. I would recommend Goshawk to any engineering firm looking to complete, or needing support regarding, threatened/endangered species or jurisdictional water determinations. Goshawk Environmental Consulting is an energetic, results-oriented firm and a valuable member of our team."

-Jonathan V. Queen, P.E., Senior Project Engineer, Weaver Boos Consultants

Weaver Boos Consultants, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

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Issue:  Goshawk conducted a wetland determination/delineation on an approximately 44-acre expansion area for the above landfill.  Two open-water palustrine wetlands (totaling about 10 acres) were identified within a portion of the expansion area that was previously mined. Additionally, much of the expansion area was within a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) mapped floodplain.

Action:  A letter was submitted to the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Tulsa District, requesting concurrence that the wetlands were not jurisdictional under the Clean Water Act.  The letter laid out arguments to support the determination that the wetlands should be considered isolated and, therefore, not jurisdictional, despite their location within mapped floodplain.  A field meeting with USACE and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was conducted to evaluate Goshawk’s findings.

Outcome:  USACE, with EPA support, issued a concurrence letter agreeing that the wetlands would not be considered jurisdictional under the Clean Water Act.